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Huge Cobra Terrorising Bathrooms In Apartment Block

It's time to ascend.


Many residents are fearful for their safety as an enormous and highly venomous cobra has made it’s way into the plumbing of their apartment complex in South Africa.

It has been making it’s presence known by popping up in toilets (stuff of nightmares), and so far has eluded all attempts to capture the reptile.

Check out the video below where professional snake catcher Barry Greenshields attempts to nab the snake and put him into a container, but unfortunately fails.

“We still have no idea where the snake is hiding,” wrote Anton Mejier who recorded the footage.

“We have put cameras in the pipes to look for it. Residents are still worried and some of them are feeling like if it comes up they want to kill it which is something I don’t want.”


It's time to ascend.