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UFO's & Extraterrestrial

How would YOU react to the discovery/reveal of alien life?

Many novels and movies speak about alien invasions, discoveries, reveals and multiple extraterrestrial scenarios. There are also many people who have come forward stating...

Our Universe


Japanese Rover captures video of asteroid’s surface

The asteroid which is named Ryugu is currently being explored by 2 rovers which are part of JAXA's MINERVA-II1 program, as well as the...
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Strange World


Alaskan lake with so much methane it can be set on...

The lake can be heard making strange bubbling and hissing sounds as the methane gas seeps out from underneath the snow and ice, and...
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Spiritual News


Tomb Of Jesus Much Older Than Previously Thought

The tomb that many believe is the final resting place of Jesus Christ was originally believed to only date back approximately 1000 years to...
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Ancient History


Mysterious Ancient City Nan Madol Draws Comparisons To Atlantis

The mysterious city of Nan Madol to this day remains an enigma. Built in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a remote island thousands...
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Star of ‘The Crown’ attempted to contact character’s ghost

The 52 year old actress known for roles in Harry Potter, Fight Club and many other high profile movies, has played the part of...
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Bizarre News


Say Hello To Pigzilla

Feral pigs are quite the problem in the region of Hong Kong that the video was taken due to the proximity of a nearby...
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Science & Technology


2019 To Bring In Self Driving Cars

The automotive manufacturer has released a video showcasing the Cruise AV self-driving car. The company is now petitioning to the US Government to approve/adjust 16...