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Woman Gets Snake Stuck In Earlobe

It's time to ascend.


Ashley Glawe, a resident in Oregon, found herself in the emergency room after a bizarre situation occurred with her pet snake and her ear.

Glawe claimed she was playing with her pet python fondly known as ‘Bart’, when Bart went wandering adventurously and somehow managed to squeeze through her stretched earlobe.

At first, Glawe found it amusing, however it quickly became clear that poor Bart was stuck and not coming out anytime soon.

“It all happened so fast that before I even knew what was going on it was already too late,” she said.

Glawe uploaded images from the emergency room which – understandably – went viral quite quickly. The images have been shared well over 500 times.


The doctors got to work though, and fortunately were able to safely remove poor little Bart with a small incision, some Vaseline, and determination.

Bet you didn’t expect to read about something like this today. Thank you internet.

It's time to ascend.