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12 Million Declassified CIA Documents Made Public


After years of continuous campaigning by freedom of information advocates, the CIA has now released millions of previously classified documents.

The documents can be found here.

Among the files are many documents that would be of interest to paranormal investigators, conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters. One such document outlines what is known as the Stargate Project, which investigated the possibility and practical application of remote viewing.

The CIA information director assured that no documents had been omitted and that the released files were not ‘cherry picked’.

Here are some snippets of the more interesting reports:


Project Stargate explored the potential application of psychokinesis, telepathy, ESP and other psychic phenomena for military purposes and domestic intelligence applications.

“Studies of paranormal phenomena have nearly always been associated with controversy. Despite the controversy concerning their nature and existence, many organisations continue to be avidly interested in these phenomena,” a report read.

“The intelligence community is no exception: beginning in the 1970s, it had conducted a program intended to investigate the application of one paranormal phenomenon — remote viewing or the ability to describe locations one had not visited.”

“As an adjunct method to gathering intelligence, people who possess this ability could be asked to describe various intelligence targets. This information, especially if considered credible and reliable, could supplement and enhance more time-consuming and perhaps dangerous methods for collecting data.”

“The information provided by the remote viewing is vague and ambiguous, making it difficult, if not impossible, for the technique to yield information of significant quality and accuracy,” the report read.

“We conclude that continues use of remote viewing in intelligence gathering operations is not warranted.”


Likely one of the most searched topics anytime government documents become declassified, there are multiple reports covering UFO sightings from around the planet.

A detailed report talks about 2 police officers describing a UFO while patrolling the Lithuanian border in 1996.

“Vehicle loads of soldiers from the ARAS rapid reaction force, sniffer dogs and police reinforcements immediately arrived on the scene of the emergency,” a report read.

“[According to eye witness accounts] they noticed a spherical objecting hanging and “pulsing”.

“At the same time, they heard what they described as “a strange sound like an electric or electronic crackle.

“When they moved about 50 metres through the long grass, the police said the sphere moved away, rose higher and rapidly departed.”

The report also outlines that examinations of the witnesses rendered them to be ‘normal, healthy people’.


Another very interesting article describes a French family constantly being tormented by an unknown entity. The mystery, dating back to 1980, was attributed to a poltergeist.

“The poltergeist manifested itself over the years in well-known uniform patterns: beds were moved about, pillows and covers were pulled off, locked doors were inexplicably opened, the contents of cupboards were found to be in disorder, objects disappeared and reappeared, sounds were mimicked, penetration phenomena occurred and so on,” the report read.

“Thorough psycho-diagnostic and depth-psychological examinations were planned but could not be carried out because the family was about to leave for Guadelope in order to escape the poltergeist.

“In their new surroundings they found peace, although even there they experienced strange phenomena such as rosaries falling from the sky.”