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Ancient Bacteria May Hold Key To Longer Life

It's time to ascend.

Since as long as history can remember, mankind has always obsessed over finding the key to immortality, yet even today with all our advances in science and technology, our mortality still brings us to a humbling end.

A remarkable discovery in Siberia, however, may be able to change this.

Russian scientists have revealed that they have made significant progress in turning a very resilient type of bacteria known as Bacillus-F into a way to potentially increase our human lifespan. All tests that have been carried out so far have been promising, with mice, fruit flies, and even human red blood cells showing significant improvements with the treatment.

“The bacteria gives out biologically active substances throughout its life, which activates the immune status of experimental animals,” said epidemiologist Dr Viktor Chernyavsky.

Some of the mice subjects in the tests were highly active and were even able to reproduce in their old age.

If the testing and progress remains positive, the scientists believe that the bacteria may be able to be turned into a ‘fountain of youth’ elixir that can significantly improve mans lifespan.

Check out the article here at The Daily Mail.

It's time to ascend.