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Crop Circle Pops Up In Field For The 2nd Time In 2 Years

The intricate pattern shows multiple circles intertwined, with a smaller circle in the middle.

From the news post:

Tim Blumberg was putting a letter in his mailbox this morning, when he turned around and saw what appears to be a crop circle.

The high grass in the hay field has been pushed down, into what appears to be the design of two half moon shapes, facing opposite directions, connected by a bar of some kind, with another circle inside each one.

“I couldn’t explain it,” said neighbor Tommy Carty, “if it was something out of the ordinary, if the wind had done something out of the ordinary or peculiar, or if it was a sign from Heaven.”

While he can’t explain it, Carty said he is sure of one thing… “if the little green men are coming this way, I’m not ready for them, I’m ready for the good Lord to come after me,” he said.

While there isn’t any solid explanations for crop circles, there are past cases which have been known to have been pranks. Alot of crop circles however show incredible and amazing symmetry and patterns, without any visible machine or track marks. Whether you believe they are extra terrestrial in origin or not, they are amazing pieces of work.

Check out the video of the mentioned crop circle (after about a minute though the video is filled with fluff):