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Insane Jet Of Lightning During Storm Caught On Film

It's time to ascend.

Sometimes nature is as scary as much as it is downright cool.

The video was taken by a weather watcher observing the storm, and much to his surprise, a jet of lightning seared through the sky. Here is a translation from the original portuguese video description on youtube:

Video showing a strong lightning producing a rare gigantic jet, seen west of Campina Grande, ParaĆ­ba, on March 13, 2017, the first record of this phenomenon in Brazil. The Cumulonimbus cloud that produced this lightning was in the town of TaperoĆ”, 103 kilometers away from Campina Grande, in a straight line. Filming done in my apartment, with a camera PY-SH361, component of the CPV1 station, of BRAMON (Brazilian Meteorological Observation Network).

It's time to ascend.