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Lady Finds Battling Snakes In Shower

It's time to ascend.

The 41 year old Australian mother was shocked when her 16 year old son found the 2 pythons coiled on her shower floor.

Residing in Byfield, Queensland, Petrina Murphy stayed calm, and used a broom to sweep the 2 snakes out of her home.

“I’m just glad the shower was clean so I was able to get some photos and video without it being embarrassing,” she told Caters News.

“For people with a phobia it would be like something out of a nightmare, but I’ve never been particularly scared of snakes and we’re pretty used to them out here,” said Petrina.

“I would much rather get rid of them myself and know they’re gone than have to deal with worrying about them finding their own way into the house.”

It's time to ascend.