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‘Lost World’ Discovered In Remote Northern Australia

It's time to ascend.

Lost World Discovered In Australia


Scientists last Monday are hailing the discovery of a ‘Lost World’ in Northern Australia, with an expedition uncovering three new vertebrate species that have been isolated from the rest of the world for over 3 million years.

Conrad Hoskin from James Cook University along with a National Geographic film crew had to be dropped via helicopter into the secluded area in the Cape Melville mountain range, and what they found, they said, was nothing short of amazing.

There were numerous new bizarre looking species never seen before by human eyes, such as a leaf-tail gecko, a golden skink, and a brown spotted yellow boulder dwelling frog.

“The top of Cape Melville is a lost world. Finding these new species up there is the discovery of a lifetime — I’m still amazed and buzzing from it,” said Hoskin, a tropical biologist from the Queensland-based university.

“Finding three new, obviously distinct vertebrates would be surprising enough in somewhere poorly explored like New Guinea, let alone in Australia, a country we think we’ve explored pretty well.”

Due to the area being made up of large black granite boulders, and was virtually impassable on foot, the area had remained mostly unexplored.

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It's time to ascend.