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The Magnetic Man

It's time to ascend.

Man With Magnetic Powers


A man claims to possess the power to make metal objects stick to his body with magnetic force, controlled by his mind.

Miroslaw Magola, taking a page right out of X-Men’s book, claims he uses psychic energy to connect himself to lifeless objects, to the point where he can even jump around a room with cans and cutlery stuck to his head. Neat.

“I found out I could train myself to manipulate lifeless objects as I studied for my degree in the early 90s,” Magola, 55, said.

“I have since spent years perfecting the technique and exploring further into human magnetism.

“I can defy gravity because I load myself with energy and — like moving a limb — can make objects do as I wish, like a real-life magnet.”

Magola also claims that the skill can be mastered by anyone.

While he scientist wants to use his ‘powers’ to benefit mankind, he is also chasing an elusive $1 million prize bounty from famous Skeptic James Randi, who has offered the $1 Million for anyone that can display supernatural powers.

Check out the entire article here at New York Daily News.

It's time to ascend.