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Is Our Moon An Artificial Structure?

Is There Life On Our Moon


Could our Moon be a man made structure from a previous advanced civilization, covered in billions of years worth of dust?

This of course would suggest that human advanced civilizations existed billions of years ago, a theory which has recently been thrown around a little more frequently, as artifacts have been found that call into question our current conventional understanding of human history.

Many scientists still study the Moon, trying to learn about its composition and workings. There are a few oddities that make this discussion more interesting.

Hollow Moon?

In 1969 NASA created an impact on the Moon so that the Apollo 12 astronauts could measure the seismic waves.The results were a complete shock to scientists.

Very different from seismic recording on Earth, the vibrations continued for an hour, starting out as small waves and gaining in strength.

Dr Ross Taylor’s helped examine the samples gathered by Apollo 11.

He said: “This was one of those extraordinary things. When you had the impact of these things on the moon, unlike a terrestrial earthquake, which dies away quickly, the shock waves continued to reverberate around the moon for a period of an hour or more, and this is attributed to the extremely dry nature of the lunar rock.

“As far as we know there is no moisture on the moon, nothing to damp out these vibrations. The moon’s surface is covered with rubble and this just transmits these waves without them being damped out in any way as they are on Earth. Basically, it’s a consequence of the moon being extremely dry.”

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