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New Giant Sunfish Species Discovered

It's time to ascend.

The huge fish has managed to elude discovery, even though it weighs in at a healthy 2 tonnes and measuring over 9 feet in length.

Murdoch University researcher Marianne Nyegaard started analysing sunfish DNA samples back in 2013 for her PhD dissertation. With 3 known species present at the time, her findings were indicating that there was possibly a 4th species that had eluded detection.

She spent the next few years searching for the species, travelling thousands of miles collecting various samples.

“Finding these fish and storing specimens for studies is a logistical nightmare due to their elusive nature and enormous size, so sunfish research is difficult at the best of times,” she wrote.

“Early on, when I was asked if I would be bringing my own crane to receive a specimen, I knew I was in for a challenging – but awesome – adventure.”

It's time to ascend.