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‘Pyramids’ In Antarctica?

It's time to ascend.


No stranger to controversial or unexplained images, Google Earth is once again the source of the images in question – images of what some believe are pyramids in Antarctica.

The pyramids in the images look to have 4 sides and relatively even in dimensions, which has some enthusiasts referring to them as solid evidence of an ancient or extraterrestrial civilisation.

While it is likely they could simply be what are known as nunataks, rocky peaks which have become evenly smooth due to erosion over many years. Still, I am keeping an open mind as always.

While the ‘pyramids’ may or may not be evidence of an ancient advanced race, scientists do not discount the idea of Antarctica once being habitable.

Dr Vanessa Bowman, of the British Antarctic Survey, once said: “Go back 100 million years ago and Antarctica was covered in lush rainforests similar to those that exist in New Zealand today.”


It's time to ascend.