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Scientists Suggest Collective Consciousness For Humans And Animals

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That ‘instinctive’ feeling you get when something is about to happen, or thinking about someone just before they call or you run into them in a street – Collective Consciousness, or coincidence?

Collective consciousness is a term used by scientists to describe the sharing of knowledge/behaviours between humans and/or animals telepathically. A report in 2010 claims to have proven the presence of collective consciousness, hence proving that humans all have a form of psychic ability.

Obviously though, these claims have a divided opinion, with some dismissing it as complete nonsense.

French sociologist Emile Durkheim first presented the idea in 1893, his definition relating more to a shared understanding of certain morals and social practices based on people imitating others, passing on these behaviours to one another or agreeing on certain ideals.

In the 1970’s, scientists suggested this collective consciousness could be further developed and spread throughout species non-explicitly – or in other words, telepathically.

In 1975, Lyall Watson and Lawrence Blair used the behaviours of Japanese Macaque monkeys to back up the theory. Macaque monkeys had learned to wash sweet potatoes, and explicitly passed the skill onto younger members in the group. According to Watson and Blair, monkeys on neighboring islands seemed to also have the skill, without any apparent way of coming in contact with the original group.

The put this down to the monkeys having a collective consciousness, or functioning as a ‘hive mind’, sharing the practices telepathically between each other.

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