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Strange Creature Filmed In Hawkesbury River, Australia

The video was taken by 65 year old Fethi Ada, as the strange creature surfaced near their boat on the popular river for about 10 seconds.

The strange creature startled the family, and when one of the members through some bait into the water, the creature got spooked and disappeared.

“It looked human the way it lifted its head up,” said Ada. “It looked over towards us like ‘who are these people ?’ My brother threw some bait in and then it just got scared off.”

What do you think? Could it be a creature that is unknown to humans?

“It’s rare you actually get to see many (animals) as they stay below the surface,” said Secretary of Hawkesbury River Rescue, Felicity Brownrigg. “My guess would be that it is a seal.”

From the video footage i tend to lean toward the possibility of the animal being a seal. Good to keep an open mind though!