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Watch: Great White Shark Bites At Underwater GoPro Camera

It's time to ascend.

Greg Skomal was busy tagging sharks as part of a study by the Massachusetts Marine and Fisheries Division, when a certain shark got very up close and personal with the GoPro camera.

The GoPro camera was attached to a pole being used in an attempt to capture some close up footage when a female great white shark came up to the camera and casually took a bite. What’s more amazing is that the camera was not damaged at all.

“I had the camera on a pole in the water and the shark was swimming and I’m thinking, ‘I’ll get a great view of the face of the shark and that will help us identify it’,” said Skomal.

“It kept coming and then opened its mouth and bit it.”

According to the researchers, the bite was more exploratory in nature, done out of curiousity to work out what the object was.

What a view though, right?

It's time to ascend.