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Japanese Rover captures video of asteroid’s surface

The asteroid which is named Ryugu is currently being explored by 2 rovers which are part of JAXA’s MINERVA-II1 program, as well as the Hayabusa2 craft.

The footage offers a first ever glimpse of the surface of a moving asteroid as it speeds through space.

“I cannot find words to express how happy I am that we were able to realize mobile exploration on the surface of an asteroid,” said project manager Yuichi Tsuda.

“I am proud that Hayabusa2 was able to contribute to the creation of this technology for a new method of space exploration by surface movement on small bodies.”

Next month a much larger rover called MASCOT will be deployed, and another hopping rover next year. The agency is hoping to be able to retrieve a rock from the surface and bring it back to Earth, which scientists hope will help us unlock more clues about the origins of the solar system.