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Mysterious Ancient City Nan Madol Draws Comparisons To Atlantis

It's time to ascend.

The mysterious city of Nan Madol to this day remains an enigma.

Built in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a remote island thousands of miles from any other civilisation, the remote city has been attracting the attention of ancient Atlantis hunters.

Made famous by the Greek philosopher Plato, legend has it that the advanced city of Atlantis fell out of favour with the Gods, and the entire island was submerged beneath the unforgiving ocean.

It is believed the city of Nan Madol, which translates to ‘the space between’, is up to 2000 years old, and has many sections which are separated by canals. To this day, the expertise used in its construction as well as its extremely remote location, continues to puzzle scientists.

“It now looks like Nan Madol represents a first in Pacific Island history,” said Mark McCoy from Texas Southern Methodist University. “To me, in its prime Nan Madol was a capital.”

“It was the seat of political power, the center of the most important religious rituals, and the place where the former chiefs of the island were laid to rest.”

Nan Madols buildings incorporate and estimated 750,000 tonnes of black rock, and stands on 92 islands in a lagoon.