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Mysterious Void Found Inside The Great Pyramid

It's time to ascend.

The discovery was revealed after a 2 year study using muography – a scanning technique which is capable of sensing density changes in rock structures, applying the technique to look for any previously undiscovered secret rooms in the pyramid.

The recently discovered empty space appears to be up to 30 metres long, located above the grand gallery.

“We don’t know whether this big void is horizontal or inclined; we don’t know if this void is made by one structure or several successive structures,” said Mehdi Tayoubi from the Paris HIP Institute.

“What we are sure about is that this big void is there; that it is impressive; and that it was not expected as far as I know by any sort of theory.”

“It could be a kind of space that the builders left to protect the very narrow roof of the grand gallery from the weight of the pyramid,” said archaeologist Mark Lehner.

“What we are doing is trying to understand the internal structure of the pyramids and how this pyramid has been built,” said Cairo University’s Hany Helal.

The scientists plan is to try and drill a tiny hole in the wall so a robot can be fed through to try and uncover what may lie inside the chamber.

Zahi Hawass criticizes ‘hidden chamber’ discovery

The Egyptian archaeologist who used to be the Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs has been less optimistic however, and has mentioned the talk of a hidden chamber has been premature.

“The pyramid is full of voids and that does not mean there is a secret chamber or a new discovery,” he said. “[ScanPyramids] showed us their conclusions, and we informed them this is not a discovery.”

Mustafa Waziri, who now heads the governments’ antiquities council, has also expressed criticism to the find.

“The project has to proceed in a scientific way that follows the steps of scientific research and its discussion before publication,” he said in a statement on Friday.

While there seems to be some debate as to whether the discovery may truly be a hidden chamber, it is likely that over the coming weeks and months that further research will shed new information on the subject.