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Man Buried Alive, Scares Mourner By Climbing Out Of Grave

It's time to ascend.

Man rises from grave in Brazil


A woman got the scare of her life when she was at a cemetery in Brazil mourning a loved one, when a man climbed out of a nearby grave right in front of her eyes.

The woman who did not want to be identified, was at Sao Paulo’s Ferraz de Vasconcelos Cemetery, when she describes hearing some strange noises coming from nearby and then saw some dirt moving near a grave.

“I was terrified to see a man who I thought was dead, trying to get out of the grave,” the woman recalled later, according to local reports.

The woman notified authorities and emergency services arrived at the scene to help get the man free from the ground. The man, allegedly working as a city hall employee, is believed to have gotten into a fight and got badly beaten, then buried by his attackers.

Not everyday you see something like that. Check out the article along with video of the man being removed from the grave here at The Huffington Post.

It's time to ascend.