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Ancient Crashed Ship On The Moon Or Elaborate Hoax?

It's time to ascend.

Ancient Alien Ship On Dark Side Of The Moon

(Image Credit: Youtube/TOPSECRETFILETV)

This video caught my attention the other day, and thought would be good to get viewer’s opinions.

The video, uploaded back in January by TOPSECRETFILETV, shows what looks to be an incredibly massive ship on the dark side of the moon, with plenty of damage from years of meteor impacts.

The video claims that the footage is secret footage that has been kept locked away by NASA, and starts off by showing various structures on the moon, which look to be made by an intelligent species. It then moves on to show a huge ship, with strange markings on it.

Later in the video it shows a female humanoid with men studying the specimen.

What are your takes on this video? Could this be a massive cover up or is it just a well made fantasy video? If it is, it’s pretty well done, kudos.