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Massive Metal Cylinder Falls From Sky In Burma

It's time to ascend.


The incident occurred in a jade mining area in the countrys north, and some residents say the sound of the impact was so loud that they thought there was a battle underway, and that their houses shook.

The object is 4.5 metres in length and 1.2 metres wide. There are also reports a smaller metallic object fell nearby, crashing through the roof of a residence.

The shocked residents reported a massive explosion sounds moments before the objects crashed down.

“We were all afraid of that explosion,” said Ko Maung Myo, a local villager. “Initially, we thought it was a battle. The explosion made our houses shake. We saw the smoke from our village.”

Investigations seem to indicate that the pieces of metal junk were most likely debris from a Chinese satellite launch the day before. The rocket was carrying an experimental satellite up into space, however it is currently not known what has happened to it.


It's time to ascend.