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Strange Lights In The Sky During New Zealand Earthquake

It's time to ascend.

Check out the stunning display of lights at the time of the recent New Zealand earthquake.

The video posted on youtube by @Manu TH, a beautiful visualisation of lights can be seen, with different colours.

While many attribute the phenomenon to something paranormal or even extraterrestrial, a few years back scientists believe they found the answer to the cause of the lights, attributing the light show to the electrical properties of different rocks in specific settings.

(From National Geographic) – Sometimes called earthquake lightning, the lights can take “many different shapes, forms, and colours,” says study coauthor Friedemann Freund, an adjunct professor of physics at San Jose State University and a senior researcher at NASA’s Ames Research Centre.

“In the past, people often interpreted [earthquake lights] in religious terms, and in modern times they thought of UFOs, although there is a completely rational physical explanation that we are working on,” Freud says.

It's time to ascend.