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Star of ‘The Crown’ attempted to contact character’s ghost

It's time to ascend.

The 52 year old actress known for roles in Harry Potter, Fight Club and many other high profile movies, has played the part of a royal more than once. For her recent role in the hit TV series ‘The Crown’, she went full method.

She used a psychic medium to attempt to contact the spirit of her character, Princess Margaret.

“She always likes to research her roles with as much depth as possible – and is always prepared to go that extra mile,” said a TV insider. “So if that means using someone with supernatural powers to speak to a character who is now on the other side then Helena has no problems with doing that.”

Carter was apparently told by the ghost of Princess Margaret that she was doing a great job.

Interestingly enough, Carter also consulted the services of a psychic for an earlier role as Liz Taylor for the drama ‘Burton and Taylor’.

“I was in a real dilemma about the role,” she said at the time. “I asked a psychic – I’m completely wacko – who was actually de-ghosting our house.”