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Urban Legend Comes To Life In Mexico With Underground Tunnels

It is believed the tunnels date back as far as 1531, when the city of Puebla was founded, the subterranean tunnels are said to reach up to 6 miles in length beneath the centre of the city.

Measuring approximately 23 feet (7 metres) high, and 10 feet (3 metres) wide, the legendary tunnels were discovered during public works in the city centre, with 4 seperate entrances found filled with earth.

After some initial excavation, it was revealed that a line of tunnels were running from Fort Loreto to the District of San Jose, located at the city centre.A third line was also discovered from the Fort of Guadalupe to Los Remedios Church where the defence of Puebla took place against the French Army in 1862.

“In the urban narrative or urban legends there was word of the tunnels in Puebla, but nobody knew where they were, they had never been seen,” the manager of Cultural Heritage and Historical Center of Puebla, Sergio Vergara Bermejo, told El Universal. “They are from the foundation of the city,” Bermejo told El Universal. “Churches were communicating in secret alleys, there is a network of the main monasteries, from Santo Domingo, San Agustin, La Merced to San Javier.”

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