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‘Goblin Remains’ revealed to public by Mexican Governor

It's time to ascend.

The internet is abuzz with speculation and debate over the discovery of what appears to be a “goblin fetus” in Mexico. This peculiar find reportedly surfaced during construction work on an abandoned warehouse in Santa María Regla, located northeast of Mexico City.

Francisco Mayoral Flores, the municipal mayor of the town where the alleged otherworldly creature was unearthed, mentioned that samples have been taken for scientific analysis to provide a clear explanation. The mummified corpse, depicted in accompanying photos, features a small body, pointed ears, an enlarged nose, and twisted, claw-tipped hands and feet, reminiscent of the malevolent creatures from “Lord of the Rings.”

Flores promptly labeled the remains as either a “goblin or a nagual.” For those unfamiliar, a nagual is described in Mesoamerican mythology as a human capable of transforming into an animal.

The “goblin baby” is currently exhibited at the Museo de los Duendes, translating to the Goblin Museum, in the municipality of Huasca de Ocampo, where Flores serves as mayor. While his assessment may sound unconventional, Flores contends that it is quite reasonable within the magical and mystical context of the region he oversees.

He stated, “If it had been found in another municipality, it would not have been relevant. But due to the themes of goblins and the mystical here, there is a cultural and social demand to give it importance.”

It's time to ascend.