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Fancy A Balloon Ride.. To The Edge Of Space!?

It's time to ascend.

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$250k on Virgin Galactic’s suborbital SpaceShipTwo sound a little pricey? Well, soon there might just be a (slightly) cheaper alternative.

A company from Arizona believes they may have an alternative method to travel up high for those once in a lifetime views that will be cheaper and a little less bumpy. World View, which is an offset of Paragon Space Development Corp.,  say they are have in development a balloon launched ride that goes to the near edge of space, which will cost approx. $75k – not cheap by any means, but alot less than the $250k for Virgin Galactic’s option.

The balloon ride will take customers to an altitude of approx. 30km – much less than Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, which hits an impressive 110km.

“You can be sitting up there having your beverage of choice watching this extraordinary spectacle of the Earth below you and the blackness of space,” project co-founder and Paragon president Jane Poynter told Discovery News.

Check out the entire article here at – Who’s up for a ride?