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Futuristic new submarine looks like something out of an alien invasion

It's time to ascend.

James Bond famously escaped underwater in his modified Lotus Esprit in the 1977 film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me.’ However, an extraordinary new submersible, designed to resemble a UFO, seems even beyond the reach of MI6’s Q branch.

The Triton 660 AVA features an expansive, transparent ‘bubble’ window, allowing passengers to feel as if they are one with the ocean’s depths. It can dive up to 656 feet (200 meters) below the surface, where guests can enjoy dinner, share a bottle of champagne, or even get married.

With a staggering price tag of $6.3 million (£5 million), the 660 AVA is a luxurious investment. Created by Florida-based Triton, a company renowned for making the DSV Limiting Factor—a deep-sea submarine that collided with the RMS Titanic wreck in 2019—the 660 AVA promises “entertainment-focused underwater experiences.”

Triton’s website states that the new sub can be swiftly reconfigured between dives to offer a range of activities, including dining, cocktail dives, spa treatments, subsea gaming experiences, and weddings. It boasts of being “the world’s most intimate place to tie the knot.”

“Operators can use this space to provide unprecedented experiences that will surprise and delight discerning guests, even when not near a prime dive site,” the company claims. “These unique, expansive spaces give you significant flexibility to create unimaginable experiences in a submersible, from cocktails and casinos to weddings and private dining.”