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NASA May Have Unexpectedly Discovered Warp Drive

It's time to ascend.

NASA Warp Drive Discovery

Once (hell, still) a popular product of science fiction, it seems that the human race may be edging that little bit closer to interstellar travel.

The idea of warp drive was seriously suggested practically back in the 1990’s by Miguel Alcubierre, who hypothesized that a ‘warp bubble’ could be formed around a ship by contracting the space in front of the ship, and expanding the space behind it. Riding in this bubble would allow the space ship to travel extremely long distances without passing through the space in between.

Now in 2015, NASA may have inadvertently found the first evidence of a real life warp bubble, with a new experimental engine known an EmDrive. EmDrive was developed by scientist Guido Fetta, and can allegedly produce thrust without requiring any type of propellent – a significant issue in the emptiness of space.

There have been reports that when firing lasers into the engines resonance chamber, they travel faster than the speed of light, indicating the engine is producing some sort of warp bubble.

NASA are yet to confirm the findings, however if true, the discovery could mean the next major step in humans travelling across the stars.

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