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‘Virgin Mary’ Appears In Sky Over Tonga

It's time to ascend.

Tongan resident Joey Mataele spotted a peculiar shaped cloud in the blue skies of Tonga, and upon looking at the cloud, he noticed a striking resemblance to the Virgin Mary.


The image of the miraculous cloud was taken in the village of Halaleva in Tongatapu, while at his brother’s house.

Mataele describes the figure in the image, suggesting an outline of a head, body and feet, along with a golden glow. He believes it is a sign from the heavens.

“This is an image that was unexpected and I know it’s a miracle in my life.

“Thank you Lord for everything you’ve provided for me and my family.”

Other witnesses who believe that the sighting is a miracle actually believe the cloud has more of a resemblance to Jesus.

Is this a genuine miracle from the heavens, or a case of pareidolia?