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Dead pastor fails to resurrect, buried 2 years later

The remains of a South African pastor were kept at a mortuary for two years with the expectation that he would miraculously come back to life. The unusual incident, brought to public attention by local media, involved Pastor Siva Moodley from the Gauteng province.

Although Moodley had passed away on August 14th, 2021, his body was not immediately buried or cremated. Instead, it remained at the local mortuary for two years. Attempts were initially made to secure permission for cremation, but the family refrained from providing any instructions.

Allegedly, the pastor’s wife expressed a desire not to cremate or bury him at that time, citing a vision that suggested he would experience a resurrection. Moodley himself had been associated with facilitating the resurrection of others in the past.

The matter gained attention when health and safety concerns compelled officials to address it. Eventually, the pastor’s body was laid to rest at Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg, with around 50 attendees, though it was reported that his wife and children did not participate in the ceremony.

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