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Young Girl ‘Saw Heaven’ In Near Death Experience

It's time to ascend.

Out Of Body Experience

Annabel Beam, a 12 year old girl diagnosed with 2 incurable disorders, fell 30 feet from a tree. The next part of the story take an interesting and somewhat remarkable turn.

“I saw heaven. It was really bright, and I saw my Mimi who had died a couple years back. That’s how I knew I was in heaven,”

Annabel claims that during her visit, she saw Jesus holding a young girls hand. Jesus told her the young girl was her sister. Annabel’s parents truly believed her claims, as they had a miscarriage earlier, and believe this is who Annabel saw.

This story would be easy enough to dismiss as a dream, or another form of relatively mundane brain activity, however the story incredibly does not end there. After Annabel’s experience, she has been cured of her disorders which were deemed incurable.

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