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Extinct Platypus of ‘Platzilla’ Proportions Found In Australia

It's time to ascend.


Scientists have uncovered a giant extinct species of Platypus in Australia, with powerful teeth and being described by scientists as ‘Godzilla like’.

The new species called Obdurodon tharalkooschild, was identified by a single tooth, which according to scientists though was highly distinctive. Riversleigh, in North-Eastern Queensland, where the fossil was found, is known to be highly rich in fossil deposits.

Mike Archer, Professor at the University of New South Wales, told ABC:

“It pretty well blew our minds.¬†We didn’t expect this. It’s a huge platypus at the wrong time. But there it was,” said Archer of the one-metre (three foot) species.

Modern Platypi are known as a timid species found in Eastern Australia, without any adult teeth, and scientists believe that ‘Platzilla’ is not a direct ancestor.

“Discovery of this new species was a shock to us because prior to this, the fossil record suggested that the evolutionary tree of platypuses was a relatively linear one,” Archer explained in a statement.

“Now we realize that there were unanticipated side branches on this tree, some of which became gigantic.”

Check out the full article here courtesy of Yahoo! News.

It's time to ascend.