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Extinct Platypus of ‘Platzilla’ Proportions Found In Australia


Scientists have uncovered a giant extinct species of Platypus in Australia, with powerful teeth and being described by scientists as ‘Godzilla like’.

The new species called Obdurodon tharalkooschild, was identified by a single tooth, which according to scientists though was highly distinctive. Riversleigh, in North-Eastern Queensland, where the fossil was found, is known to be highly rich in fossil deposits.

Mike Archer, Professor at the University of New South Wales, told ABC:

“It pretty well blew our minds.¬†We didn’t expect this. It’s a huge platypus at the wrong time. But there it was,” said Archer of the one-metre (three foot) species.

Modern Platypi are known as a timid species found in Eastern Australia, without any adult teeth, and scientists believe that ‘Platzilla’ is not a direct ancestor.

“Discovery of this new species was a shock to us because prior to this, the fossil record suggested that the evolutionary tree of platypuses was a relatively linear one,” Archer explained in a statement.

“Now we realize that there were unanticipated side branches on this tree, some of which became gigantic.”

Check out the full article here courtesy of Yahoo! News.