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Life On The Moon? Former NASA Scientist Says Yes

It's time to ascend.

Is There Life On Our Moon


A scientist formerly working for NASA has come forward saying he believes that our moon harbors life, with aliens on the moon watching humankind.

For many years, alien researchers have claimed that strange objects have been seen either around the moon or on the moon, such as pyramid shaped structures, strange moving lights, and even glass dome-like structures. Richard C. Hoagland claims that the evidence of their existence potentially goes back thousands of years – much longer than we think. He has spent decades researching what he believes is the truth about the real discovery during numerous missions including the manned Apollo missions over 40 years ago.

“The orbital photographs show us the scale of ancient ruins on the moon. And surface photography by the astronauts have shown remarkable, specific examples of anomalies that could only be explained through there being ancient remnants of some extraordinarily advanced technology.”

“What NASA did not tell the American people is that it discovered the remains of an ancient lunar civilization, and to this day, that data and those artifacts have been withheld from the American people.”

Hoagland has a new book titled “Dark Mission: The Secret History Of NASA”, where he describes in length details of the discoveries that have never seen the light of day.

Real or Hoax? Cover Up or marketing ploy? You be the judge. Check out more details from his book here at National UFO Center.