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Extremely Rare Whale Caught On Film For The First Time

Omura's Whale

The Omura species is so rare that up until now, there hadn’t even been a confirmed sighting in the wild, and nobody has an idea of how many of them might actually exist today.

Growing up to approximately 38 feet in length, the Omura’s whale is slightly smaller than the blue whale, and also has many visually similar traits to Bryde’s whale, which has made spotting them even harder.

“Over the years, there have been a small handful of possible sightings of Omura’s whales, but nothing that was confirmed,” said Salvatore Cerchio of the New England Aquarium. ‘They appear to occur in remote regions and are difficult to find at sea, because they are small-they range in length from approximately 33 to 38 feet-and do not put up a prominent blow.’

Check out the video of the beautiful creature below: