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8000 Year Old Unexplainable Geoglyphs Found In Kazakhstan

It's time to ascend.

The images from space taken by NASA have revealed over 260 shapes, which include a swastika and a cross, etched into the barren lands of Kazakhstan.

The mysterious shapes are believed to be at least 8,000 years old, ranging in sizes from 300ft up to an impressive 1300ft.

While researchers believe the ancient geoglyphs could reveal details about ancient rituals in the surrounding area, trying to decipher anything from the anomalies so far has been extremely tough.

NASA has released a multitude of imagery in high res format in an attempt to try an expedite the research around the symbols and shapes.

The strange geoglyphs were initially discovered back in 2007 on Google Earth by an economist from Kazakhstan, Dmitry Dey, and are created from mounds of dirt 3 feet high and 30 feet wide. Dey believes they were not meant to be seen from the air, dismissing the alien and Nazi theories. (Editors note: they sure look to me like they were meant to be seen from the air).

Dey believes that the shapes and lines were built to track movements of the sun, similar to Stonehenge. (Editors note: why would a swastika be built to track the movements of the sun).

The swastika, while widely known for the symbol used by Nazi’s during their reign, is actually an ancient symbol used widely in different ritualistic and religious imagery, believed to depict prosperity and power. The earliest known use of the swastika symbol is acutally a bird made out of a mammoth tusk from paleolithic times, dated back to 10,000BCE, found in the Ukraine.