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Huge ‘Alien’ Like Squid Captured On Film

rare mangapinna squid video


Looking like a trailer to the next sci-fi thriller, a video has popped up of a rare giant species of squid that would surely scare the pants off any diver.

Deep beneath the Gulf Of Mexico, the Mangapinna squid – also referred to as the bigfin or long arm squid – grows to around 26 feet in length, with creepy thin, long, elastic tentacles between 15 – 20 times the length of its body. It is widely believed that the long tentacles are used to pick up food from the ocean floor, but it has never been caught in action.

The rare footage was captured by one of Shell Oil’s ROV underwater vehicles, in the Gulf of Mexico in the Perdido Area of Alaminos Canyon. It was captured at a depth of 7800 feet, back in November 2007.

Credit to The Daily Mail for the original article.