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2 Crop Circles Appear In Brazil – On The Same Day

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crop circles brazil

 (Image Credit: A.J Gevaerd/Youtube)

Two crop circles have appeared in Brazil on the same day, in the town of Ipuacu in the Brazilian state of Catarina.

As an incredible side note to the story, UFO researchers have offered a $20,000 bounty to anyone who can prove how the circles were faked, i.e. created by humans.

Crop circles have long fascinated society, especially UFO enthusiasts. With their mysterious designs, which always seem to be symmetrically perfect – a feat on its own – they seem to appear in farm land seemingly overnight. There has been many suggested explanations for crop circles over the years – UFO;s, unusual weather patterns, military experiments, and artistic hoaxers.

Check out this youtube video of UFO Magazine founder A.J. Gevaerd getting a helicopter birds eye view of the first circle:



“both figures are perfectly symmetrical…and that was confirmed by measurements.” He notes the first crop circle is made up of 13 spirals somehow produced in a wheat field, and the second circle “is geometrically complex with rings, hexagon and spheres.”

The first circle was discovered approximately 7am Nov 2, with the second circled discovered shortly afterward. Both circles are approximately 177 feet in diameter.

Check out the video of the second circle here:


“It is a ring, with the plants folded counterclockwise, and in its interior is a perfect hexagon image,” Gevaerd describes the second circle on YouTube. “The intelligence that produced this phenomenon certainly wanted it to be seen, because it appears splendidly from the nearby highway.”

In an attempt to silence critics who claim its the work of hoxers, Gevaerd has put an offer of $20,000 for anyone to prove the crop circles have been made by human means.

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