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Is The World Ending In September 2015?

It's time to ascend.

This year – the last few months in particular, conspiracy theorists and self proclaimed prophets have come out on scores talking about the end of the world as we know it coming September 2015.

The main theory revolves around a comet or asteroid of huge proportions impacting out planet between September 21 – 28, causing mass devastation and death, effectively ending our current level of civilization as we know it.

Where has all this buzz come from though? Let’s break it down into sections, starting with the cosmic collision.

The asteroid/comet impact with Earth scheduled for September 2015

Many articles, videos and other forms of cyber media are abuzz online with the theory that a large celestial object will impact Earth in September. Most claims seem to circle around the date of September 23rd, 2015, but there are other popular dates, such as the 28th.

These theories have been brought forward by ‘reasons’ varying, such as bible codes, prophecies, and other mediums. Many prophets speak about the Blood Moon being the final sign in a series of lunar events that will bring on the end of the world (some, like the link above, even referencing the second coming of Christ), with some claims saying Earthquakes and natural disasters will bring on the destruction of man, and others referencing a celestial impact of apocalyptic proportions.

Looking at the science of it, there is apparently 6 large asteroids set to fly ‘close’ to our little planet in the week of September 21 – 28, some of which are huge, up to 280 metres long. NASA claims, however the chance of any of these hitting Earth is less than 0.001%, with the closest estimated to pass us at a distance of 5.1 million miles – which astronomically speaking, is apparently relatively close.

NASA apparently tracks around 13,000 ‘near Earth’ asteroids with 1,607 classified as potentially hazardous, and believes it is highly unlikely that any devastating collisions will occur on Earth in the next few centuries. That’s relieving. On the flipside, however, NASA also accepts that this is probably around 2% of asteroids out there, which leaves alot of unknown projectiles in the mix.

Now, onto the meatier, heavy duty conspiracy stuff.

Is NASA & The Government Aware Of An Impact & Hiding It From The Public?

The conspiracy theorists will tell you that NASA and the government are aware of such an impending disaster, and are 1. hiding it from the masses to avoid a mass panic and bring about chaos, and 2. either attempting to blast it with some high tech missiles to minimize the damage or preparing ‘lifeboats’ to save the global elite from destruction, while the masses die a horrible death. Would this be part of a larger plan of radically reducing the population and bringing about a new world order? This brings us into even deeper, heavier conspiracy territory, which we will cover a little further down. First, let’s talk about the symbolism in movies about the September 23rd date.

Are We Being Warned Through Media?

Many people believe that through movies and TV shows, someone is trying to warn the public about a catastrophic event on September 23rd, 2015. A few examples:

The Number 23 (Jim Carrey) – The movie evolves around the apparent significance of the number 23. Through the movie somewhere, a clock bears the time 9:23. Haven’t seen this myself.

Gone Girl (Ben Affleck) – Released on ‘The Day Of Atonement’. There is a point in the movie where on screen it appears in text ‘September 23 – Seven Weeks Home’. Interestingly, 7 weeks after this date it will be 11/11, another ‘mysterious’ number which holds mystic meaning.

Knowing (Nicolas Cage) – One of the last days of destruction in this movie is 9/23.

Deep Impact – Apparently you can see the numbers 9-21 and 9-23 in underground caves. Have not been able to verify this myself.

There is actually quite an extensive list of movies with 9/23 symbolism – maybe it’s just a standard for set props though or simply paredolia. Then we also have this trailer of a show that didn’t quite develop into a full series:

This also brings us to the next part, where we go even deeper into the conspiracy. Let’s talk about CERN.

CERN – Dimensional Doors – Illuminati etc.

Type in 09-23-2015 and you get taken to CERN. Type in ‘keys to the bottomless pit’ and you get taken to CERN. Many people will say this is an online warning that CERN aren’t what they claim to be, and that they are actually working on opening a dimensional doorway. We all know CERN is scientific in nature – but is there a dark spiritual agenda? Let’s take a look at the sticking points.

Many say CERN is actually run by the Illuminati, and opening the portal is part of their plan for Earth.

There is a statue of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction at the doors of CERN.

shiva CERN


Their logo – some claim it is actually a design moulding of 666 – the Devils number.


Conspiracy theorists claim that CERN are attempting to open a portal to another dimension, or even the underworld. Some reference ‘Abaddon’ being released from the pit during the foretold end times:

They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon.” – Revelations

Curiously, a majority of CERN’s complex covers an area known as Saint-Genis-Pouilly which in roman times was known as Apolliacum, which had a temple dedicated to Apollyon.

Other references also speak about the God Osiris coming through the portal to begin the new age.

Then, there is this:

More satanic rituals?

Other theorists also relate the time of year – namely from September 14th, as ‘The Year Of Light’, or, ‘The Year Of Lucifer’. This correlates to the Hebrew year 5776. Interestingly to follow on the 15th September, is a United Nations meeting.

Well by now you should be quite versed and somewhat info’d up for the apocalypse. Really, i could go on about this for quite some time, as the internet is ripe with information regarding the September 2015 events. Well guess what – we are here folks. Is this the end? Or the beginning of a new age? Or nothing at all? Many ‘doomsdays’ have come and gone in the past with no consequence. Will this be another?

At least you won’t have to wait much longer to find out now.

It's time to ascend.