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Siberian Scientists: There Was TWICE A Polar Continent On Top Of The World

Looking at the Arctic now, not much else exists other than ice and sea, however researchers now claim that 2 times in history dating millions of years back existed a large continent thanks to ground breaking research.

The first continent is known as Arctida-1, formed approximately 1 billion years ago according to scientists, before eventually breaking up 750 million years ago. The second land mass, Arctida-2, formed around 250 million years ago at the time of Pangea, before once again breaking apart.

The land which once made up the continents can now be found across multiple modern day locations, such as Franz Josef Land, the continental territories of Chukotka, Northern Alaska and many others.

“Analysis of the data showed that in the geological history of the Arctic there were at least two continents, not one as was previously thought,” said Professor Dmitry Metelkin. “According to our model, the first continent, called Arctida-I, was formed one billion years ago. It was a part of a larger supercontinent called Rodinia, which united all known ancient continental blocks.” “The rebirth of Arctida happened at the turn of the Mesozoic period, about 250 million years ago. This is the time in Earth’s history when another supercontinent was formed, called Pangea.”