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Lady GaGa To Put On A Show – In Space

It's time to ascend.

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Controversial pop star Lady GaGa, who dominates headlines with her music, antics and outfits, is going to become the first pop star to perform live in space.

The pop star icon is scheduled to belt out one of her hit songs aboard one of Virgin Galactics ships, as part of the Zero G Colony Music Festival which is set for 2015.

GaGa, one of many popstars who have expressed a strong interest to head into space, will have to undergo specialised vocal training, to cope with the atmospheric changes. It looks like she hass also signed up for a ‘ridiculous’ life insurance policy, just in case anything goes terribly wrong.

Other pop stars who will be heading into space from 2014 onwards will be Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, and Bob Geldof.

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It's time to ascend.