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‘Super Predator’ Uncovered In Utah

It's time to ascend.

Lythronax Argestes Found In Utah

(Image Credit: Natural History Museum Of Utah)

Dinosaur remains of a ‘Super Predator’ that lived around 80 million years ago was unveiled at The Natural History Museum of Utah yesterday.

The dinosaur, a relative ‘great uncle’ of the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex, was the largest predator of its time, measuring in at 24 foot long, with massive teeth to boot. Living approx. 10 million years before its famous nephew, the new predator has been named ‘Lythronax argestes’, or the ‘King Of Gore’. A fitting name indeed.

Originally discovered in 2009 by employees of The Federal ┬áBureau of Land Management, the ‘King Of Gore’ received its name from its massive teeth and its presumed dominance as a predator in its time.

‘Discovering the Lythronax pushes back the evolution of the group that gives rise to T. rex, which is something we didn’t understand before,’ said Mark Loewen, a geologist at the University of Utah, who led the dig. ‘Lythronax is like the great-uncle of T. rex.’

The find sheds new light on the group of T-Rex like dinosaurs, which were originally believed to date back up to 70 million years, however now Paleontologists have discovered that the group dates back at least 80 million years thanks to the Lythronax.

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