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Scientist Claims Quantum Physics Proves Afterlife Exists

It's time to ascend.

Scientists Claims Afterlife Exists


While most scientists would never entertain the idea of an afterlife, citing it cannot be proven, another scientist has come forward with the claim that it does it exist in the theory of quantum physics.

Professor Robert Lanza states that the theory of biocentrism teaches death is an illusion created by our consciousness.

‘We think life is just the activity of carbon and an admixture of molecules – we live a while and then rot into the ground,’ states Lanza.

Lanza goes on to say that as humans, we have been ‘taught’ that we die so we believe in death, specifically that our consciousness associates life with our bodies, and we know that bodies eventually rot and die.

His theory of biocentrism theorizes that life and biology are central to reality and that life creates the universe, not the other way around. This also suggests that a human’s consciousness determines the size and shapes of objects in the universe. An example he uses is that a person sees a blue sky, and is told that the colour they see is blue, but the cells in a human’s brain can be changed to make the sky look green or red.

Makes sense or a little out of this world? Check out the entire article here at The Daily Mail for more details.

It's time to ascend.