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Man Claims U.S. Sent Him On Time Travel Missions

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Man claims u.s. government had secret time travel program


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An interesting story has popped up about a Seattle attorney who claims as a child the U.S. government sent him on time travel missions.

Ever since 2004, Seattle attorney Andrew Basiago has been claiming that as a child between the ages of 7 – 12, he participated in what was known as ‘Project Pegasus’, a top secret U.S. government program that involved teleportation and time travel under the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

“They trained children along with adults so they could test the mental and physical effects of time travel on kids,” Basiago says in an interview with Huffington Post. “Also, children had an advantage over adults in terms of adapting to the strains of moving between past, present and future.”

Obviously, the claims by Basiago have drawn alot of criticism, with Shengwang Du, a Hong Kong physicist releasing a paper in 2012 saying time travel in theory is impossible, as nothing moves faster than the speed of light.

On the other hand, Alfred Webre, a lawyer specialising in ‘exopolitics’, which handles the political implications of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth, says that teleportation and time travel has been available for over 40 years, but kept secretly locked away by the U.S. government.

Head over and read the entire article here at The Huffington Post, which also goes into alot more detail. There was also a video linked however it seems to be unavailable at this point.