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Strange Sea Creature Washes Up Near Australian Lake

Pike Eel

Australia – home of the strangest, scariest and deadliest creatures on Earth.

In this incident, once again Australia does itself proud by washing up a strange looking creature near a boat ramp at Lake Macquarie. The creature looks part eel, part crocodile, and all the part sea monster.

Pike Eel

A local fisherman by the name of Ethan Tipper had a WTF moment once he spotted the beast, snapping a photo and posting it online, which quickly generated alot of views.

This is at swansea boat ramp. What the f*** is it ?, Ethan Tipper said in Facebook post.

Mark McGrouther from the Australian Museum advised that the prehistoric looking animal resembles a Pike Eel, which is a nocturnal creature that lives on soft bottomed estuaries and usually feeds on crustaceans and benthic fish. It can also grow to an impressive 1.8m in length.

If you want to visit Australia in the summer, maybe swim in a pool.