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White Balloon Moves And ‘Hugs’ Grieving Mother At Child Funeral

It's time to ascend.


One of the most heartbreaking situation’s in life would definitely have to be a parent outliving their child.

Whether you believe in spirits, miracles and otherworldly events, either way, the footage below is touching, on a personal, human level.

The┬ávideo has been circling online from the Philippines showing a grieving mother at her child’s funeral, and then it shows a balloon eerily moving from the front of the room, seemingly targeting the mother and moving about her, giving the impression that it is consoling her.

Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares, the mother of the child, reaches out for the balloon as it seems to move around her.

Regardless of whether this is the spiritual world reaching out to a mourning mother or if it is simply scientific coincidence, i hope the mother found some comfort and peace in such a devastating time.

Check out the video below. #goosebumps