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Swole Kangaroo Intimidates Humans With Its Biceps

It's time to ascend.

The marsupial stood an impressive 6’5, and sported an extremely muscular physique.

He was spotted by 27 year old Jackson Vincent while out walking his dog. Immediately he noticed the incredible muscular build of the kangaroo, and began snapping photos.

“I have been going to that creek since I was a little boy and there have always been kangaroos on the property,” said Vincent. “I was walking my dog and we saw this huge roo standing in the water. ”

“I have never seen a kangaroo standing in the water like that, we could just see his head at first, and he was one of the biggest I have ever seen. As I ran around him to take a picture he came closer and that was when I realised he was coming right at me and he was really big.”


It's time to ascend.