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‘Walking Starfish’ Video Wows Internet Goers

While most beachgoers can claim they have seen a starfish on the seabed, witnesses of the animals actually mobilising is much more rare. Zeb Hallock can now say he is one of the few to have seen it first hand.

Hallock actually recorded the video in North Carolina back in 2012, however recently the video has since gone viral online.

“It was early evening, probably around 6pm or so at low tide,” wrote Hallock.

“We noticed there were starfish walking around on the sand near the water. Some were in tide pools but some were just strolling on the sand, very very very slowly.”

“The ones that were on the sand we carefully relocated back to the ocean or a tide pool.”

“Other people coming out to the beach were fascinated by the large amount of starfish and helped relocate the walkers to the water as well.”