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What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared From Earth?

It's time to ascend.


In a video put together using footage from National Geographic, YouTube channel Mind Warehouse has put together a video of how events would unfold should humans cease to exist and run the world. Some interesting points:

  • Lights would shut off hours after we are gone
  • Most underground train systems would flood within 2 – 3 days
  • A month afterward, cooling water in nuclear systems would evaporate, paving the way for nuclear disasters
  • Solar panels would become useless as they built a layer of dust, Fossil fuel plants would run out of fuel – only hydroelectric stations would remain running
  • After about a year, satellites would fall out of orbit, creating strange ‘stars’ in the sky
  • After 25 years, vegetation would cover the world, with multiple cities covered in sand
  • After 300 years, metal buildings and structures would corrode and break apart

After 10,000 years, the only evidence left of civilisation would be stone structures such as the pyramids, mount rushmore, and the great wall of China – makes you wonder about many ancient advanced civilisations theories and how realistic they may actually be.

Check out the video below:


It's time to ascend.