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Are We On The Verge Of Finding The Mysterious Ninth Planet?

It's time to ascend.


For some time now, there has been many mentions of a mysterious ninth planet, some even tieing it into other legends of the ‘Planet X’ or ‘Nibiru’, home of the Annunaki (but thats another story).

Nobody knows where it is located, how big it is, or even if it’s existence is real just yet – however Californian Institute of Technology earlier this year revealed that the existence of a ninth planet in our solar system is a very real possibility… And then the hunt began.

Scientists believe that if the enigmatic planet does exist, it will likely be approximately 10 times the mass of our Earth, and take around 20,000 years to complete an orbit around the sun. On top of this, incredibly it will also likely be around 20 times further out from the sun than Neptune.

Now, new analysis of the data collected by Cassini orbiter around Saturn has helped French scientists rule out several regions of space, developing mathematical models that detail the new planets gravitational effect on the other planets, effectively cutting the probable locations of the ninth planet by 50%.

“The most distant objects all swing out in one direction in a very strange way that shouldn’t happen, and we realized the only way we could get them to swing in one direction is if there is a massive planet, also very distant in the Solar System, keeping them in place,” said CIT’s Dr Mike Brown at the time of the original Planet Nine announcement back in January. “There are many telescopes on the Earth that actually have a chance of being able to find it and I’m really hoping that as we announce this, people start a worldwide search to go find this ninth planet.”

The last 12 months have been fairly incredible in terms of space discovery – are we on the verge of yet another major discovery. Even more out there – are we on the verge of finding the planet Nibiru?